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This coaching platform brings expert guidance and advice that is relevant for every key member across the corporate and professional spectrum.

Our Certified High-Performance Coaching™ is a 12 session program with Dzigbordi that helps each of our clients to engage a process that helps them succeed beyond standards and norms consistently over time enabling them to use their recessive talents to deliver beyond boundaries and achieve their highest potential. As a result of our program, our clients reach high performance in six main areas of life – Psychology, Physiology, Process, Persuasion, Purpose, and Presence. This is an important distinction.

We use practical Appearance behavior and communication tools to help our clients to clarify, conceptualize, craft, crystallize, and communicate their message with confidence and in full alignment with their values and industry. This results in them becoming recognizable, relatable, credible and influential in their corporate spaces, communities, and businesses.

Our “Communication With Confidence For Results Coaching” Program involves a number of highly practical sessions that enable individuals and teams to engage in the entire spectrum of communication, be it a simple day to day conversation to the most complicated presentation.This will include the why,how,what,and when of communication. The outcome of this coaching gives the client, ahigh level of Confidence to be Influential in all situations for RESULTS!

Based on our own navigation of the entrepreneurship landscape of failure and success for over 2 decades we have combined what we’ve learned together with our experiences with other entrepreneurs, research and skills to create a model to guide our clients to transform their business, thrive and achieve new levels of freedom and success.

Our Group Coaching sessions are highly invigorating and impactful versions of our Signature Coaching sessions with a small group of Ike minded individuals. It’s ideal for all individuals executives and entrepreneurs who thrive in groups,and are ready to build a great network. And the best part is you get a great deal on the cost!

A monthly subscription for online personal coaching and training with Dzigbordi.

A monthly subscription for online personal coaching and training with Dzigbordi.



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