GHS 499.00

Are you an Entrepreneur facing serious business development challenges and having issues scaling up?


*Have you ever wondered how some people just seem to win with relationships and strike deals without struggle others yielding massive value for their businesses? *

I wondered too...was full of fear and had zero confidence! Today I’m a Coach Trainer Speaker and Consultant! Everything to do with communication building relationships that deliver results!

It’s not only an opportunity or special people. It’s a skill that can be learnt by anyone who is willing to learn and act!

For an introductory new season price of just $30, learn how to reach, retain and recover valuable relationships .

You'll learn practical relationship building strategies on l;

1. How to prepare your personal brand 2. How to position yourself and proceed for initial engagement
2. How to harness the power of prospecting to establish solid clients
3. How to win over difficult clients
4. How to maintain confidence throughout the relationship process


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A 45 minute discovery session where;

– You share your one key story /situation that needs to change in your business, relationship or life
– We explore together the points of missed opportunities and potential possibilities
– I share proven tactics with you relevant to your situation and how you can use them
– We craft a new basic foundation together
– I share key points of advice with you

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