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As we advance into a new season, I believe a good number of us are making plans on how to make the coming year a better one. Have you taken a minute to catch your breath since the year began? If not, STOP! You need to take a deep breath and pause for a second in preparation for a time of reflection. There are a number of things you probably planned to do which you may or may not have been successful in attaining. Do you know the reasons for these successes or failures? Whatever your initial answer is, your final answer should be yes. It is important that you do not transition not having known your mistakes. The past is a school of lessons we have to repeatedly attend. Whilst we are there, we have to reflect deeply about the life we lived, the decisions we made and the reasons for making those choices. Sometimes, we start the year with all the vim and motivation but gradually, our fire dies out for many reasons. But do you know you are responsible for your drive?

Welcome to a new year and a new decade! I am certain that as we are almost half way through the first month, many of us are nearly completing the process of setting goals for ourselves and making New Year resolutions. With the New Year comes fresh business and dreams, but for me, it is never a break off from what has been happening in the previous year. It is only a continuation. I look at every New Year as a good opportunity to re-strategize and reorganize myself to take advantage of several new opportunities that will be coming my way.

The way to succeed throughout the year is to prepare. So, as we set our goals for the next 12 months, we should also give a lot of thought to the process! A great chunk of 2019 for me was a lot about preparation. As you already know, I have taken many twists and turns in the world of work. From banking and retailing, to self-care and beauty and now to high performance training. With each progression in my ambition, I constantly remind myself that although I may have the experience running a particular business, it does not automatically prepare me for any new business venture. Every dream, every business and every ambition must be broken apart and tackled differently from any other thing you may be familiar with.

Yes, experience is a good teacher. But experience will also teach you that, you must experiment several times to get it right! A few days ago, I had a conversation with my team made up of millennials. It came to light during our chat that although they have so much opportunities and technology available to them, some of them still struggle because they are afraid of experimenting and failing. No one knows the perfect path to success, and for this reason, we must all be comfortable with trying and trying again until we succeed. We must be comfortable with failing, learning and relearning until we get it right. Every master was once a student, and good students are good learners, listeners and action takers.

So, here are a few reminders that could give you a great start to the year:

  1. Don’t get stuck in the routine

Everyone loves a good routine. It is easy to remember and stick to, and more importantly, it helps you get things done. However, it is easy to lose ourselves when what may be needed from us at certain times is our full presence. Think about all the times you travel to work or do household chores without thinking. When you are conscious of your actions, you can control them – you can think clearly about what you are doing.  Ari Emanuel, William Morris Endeavor co-CEO shares: “Your schedule makes you dumber. Force yourself outside of your daily schedule. Be curious and take time to learn about worlds outside of the one you live in. Getting stuck in your routine makes it easy for you to forget the world of possibilities there are out there.”

  1. Ordinary people can do extraordinary things

We are all beautiful ordinary people. Now what we do with who we are, and how we do it is what makes us extraordinary. A lot of us put pressure on ourselves to learn how to do every single thing. The truth is, it is always worth more of we learn to do the things we are good at extraordinarily, as we simultaneously work on the things, we are not so good at. We have a lot of potential to be great, and so we must acknowledge our potential and live up to it. Will things be difficult along the way? Certainly! Will we feel like giving us several times? Yes, they will be countless! When we remind ourselves that we are a working progress, we can focus on getting better at what we do rather than beat ourselves down. Because we failed once or two times. Every dream requires preparation, detailed process and action, and that is when we will see some progress.

  1. Clean starts, from zero to a hundred

Even as we continue journeys started from previous years, we must be mindful of the things we are carrying into our fresh start. Imagine your mind were a jar and empty it out. Every fresh needs clarity. To gain clarity, you need to rid your mind of every negative, old and heavy. On the journey to be a high performer, you must have clarity about who you are. Clarity should not be confused with certainty. Taking a stance of certainty is one of the most dangerous states of mind to have. The search for clarity in life however is an unending process; a daily search for answers while being observant enough to ask the right questions. While searching for clarity, it is important that you make the most out of each day. One must find a way to reboot during the day, taking advantage of every minute with as much energy as one started the day with. Get into a fresh mindset and gradually fill the jar with new memories, fresh goals, new motivations, etc. Imagine you are continually pouring clean water into a jar that is already filled. All your efforts will spill over and you will be left feeling as though you have achieved nothing. It is okay to start with zero and gradually build your way to a hundred. Persistently take consistent action on your goals — despite the lack of visual progress. You need to show up and pay your dues, practically every single day.

  1. Be Patient

In a world where almost everything is on-demand and instant gratification is at our fingertips, patience is a virtue. Nowadays, most people are not used to waiting anymore. This impatience translates to their goals as well. Most people expect to see results almost immediately. They expect results after doing one workout, writing one blogpost, reading one book, or making one investment. The truth, however, is that most worthwhile goals take time to manifest — sometimes a lot of time. You cannot build a skyscraper in a day, write a best-selling book in a week, get a six-pack after five workouts, or make a million dollars two weeks after investing in a stock. Instead, these things take time. Just like a tree needs time to grow, your goals need time to come true. “Our patience will achieve more than our force.” — Edmund Burke

Most people are not patient enough for success. They give up too quickly because they do not see the results, they hoped for in the time they expected.

That is why I encourage you, for the New Year, to be patient and put in the work over a long period. Forget about your hopes and expectations — just put in the work and be patient. The results will come if you give it enough time.

I have experienced this myself when I started my first business. It took me more than 18 months to earn my first dollars in revenue, while I expected it to come much, much quicker. Patience is key. (Jari Rommer, 2020)

I wish you the very best in this year, 2020. I will be with you every step of the way, not always physically, but through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the business and financial times, we will be communicating. Whatever challenges that the year may bring, remind yourself that you are up to the task. With big dreams comes even bigger responsibilities. Yes we can! We can overcome every hurdle. We can transform ourselves and build ourselves to take up new opportunities. Yes, we are worthy of good things. We can learn if we are willing. We will create, we will share, we will learn and every day we will build ourselves to be of value not only to ourselves but to others around us. Yes, we are ready for the TRANSFORMATION!

Are you ready for TRANSFORMATION?         

Dzigbordi K. Dosoo: The H.E.L.P. Coach

Dzigbordi K. Dosoo is a Personal Impact, Professional Growth and Influence Expert specializing in Humanness, Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Power – H.E.L.P.

A career spanning over two decades, she has established herself as a Certified High Performance Coach, Speaker, Author, Wellness Expert and award-winning Entrepreneur with a clientele ranging from C-Suite Executives, Senior Management, Practitioners and Sales Leaders spanning 3 continents.

She is the Founder of Dzigbordi K. Dosoo (DKD) Holdings; a premier lifestyle business group with brand subsidiaries that include Dzigbordi Consulting Group& Allure Africa.

She is one of the most decorated female entrepreneurs in Ghana having being named “CIMG Marketing Woman of the Year” in 2009; “Top 10 most respected CEOs in Ghana, 2012; Global Heart of Leadership Award and, Women Rising “100 Most Influential Ghanaian Women”, 2017. She has also been featured on CNN.

She can be reached on and @dzigbordi across all social media platforms.

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