Skills Acquisition and Knowledge Transfer

­Landing a professional relationship provides what you need to prepare YOU and your business. Knowing your industry requirements for Appearance, Behavior, Communication, and aligning your own humanity and credibility to create unsolicited attraction. The course also teaches where to be, who to know, what to say, How to relate, utilizing real tools of relationship psychology to release results among other useful topics.

This course delves into the myths, truths and best practices that surrender leadership. Learners will be exposed to real life issues and situations from the instructors’ journeys through running businesses of their own. This leadership course will give entrepreneurs/start ups, corporate professionals and students the knowledge and skills to be a valuable member of a team.

Business failure to business transformation is a carefully tailored course for learners who are yet to start a business, owner their business or work in an organization. This course exposes you to the failure formula so you can adequately prepare to avoid or bounce back from the lessons of failure.

­The Powerful Personal Branding course provides fundamental knowledge and strategy for learners who wish to leverage personal branding for a successful business or lifestyle. The course covers the power of reputation, recognition, reach and relevance. At the end of this course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to make a difference



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